Something You Must Know About Shipping Line in Indonesia

You already know what is the shipping line, right? Well, shipping line in Indonesia is known as a provider of goods delivery services, especially for export and import goods using sea transportation. Therefore, that means transportation used is ships.

Shipping line in Indonesia must have access to all over the world and countries in any side. So, anyone who wants to send goods abroad, or vice versa, can guarantee when use the services of an Indonesian shipping line. Every high quality shipping line, of course, already has branch offices or connection in every sea port in various places in the world.

However, each shipping line will offer its own services. There is no shipping line that offers shipping services belonging to other companies, like some kind of affiliate.

What are the offers from the shipping line?

First, the cost and other price components are adjusted to the ocean freight (price at sea or shipping) from the shipping line. Second, the schedule, known as the shipping schedule (sea or shipping schedule) will be determined from two types of services, namely express (fast) and regular.

It’s just that, to get a “ticket” you have to know who the marketing is. From the marketing, you can correspond to get the price. And in the end the price you will pay is high.

Therefore, you should look for a forwarder who does a kind of “ticket agent” job. This forwarder will even give you many choices, from different shipping line companies. Each company has different prices, and of course you can find which one best suits your needs.

In addition, shipping airlines are also engaged in the transportation of containerized and non-container cargo. Of course, it is adjusted to the shipping business segment determined by the company. Companies that have been in this field for a long time, of course have relationships with various ports around the world.

Not only that, there are also various services such as checking the position of ships, delivery services between regions, and so on. There must also be a guarantee from the shipping line for the safety of the goods and cargo sent. Also a guarantee that the goods sent can arrive in accordance with the agreed time.

Forwarders are clearly different from shipping lines. If the shipping line is a company that provides sea transportation services, and has ships (both owned by the company and consortium) that can be operated for sea transportation. Forwarder is an intermediate company. His job, of course, is to connect direct customers with the shipping line. Because of that, the forwarder was illustrated as a ticket selling agent.

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