A Little Information about Shipping Agency Service in Indonesia

Shipping agency service in Indonesia provides many services to support port activities. Not infrequently, an Indonesian shipping agency owns and is able to serve ships to arrive at any port, as long as it is in Indonesia. Not only local ships, but also foreign ships. As long as they meet the requirements and regulations that applied in Indonesia.

The question is what exactly is the job of an Indonesian shipping agency? What services does it offer?

Specifically, services from Indonesian shipping agencies consist of general agencies, local agents, owner protection agents (OPA), bunkering services for MFO, MDO, MGO, to fresh water. In addition, there are also cash to master (CTM) services, ship repair services, spare parts purchases, and so on, as well as services for arranging ship crew changes.

As long as the ship is in Indonesia and meets the applicable requirements and regulations, this service is able to accommodate it, at a more efficient cost. If a foreign ship wants to dock at an Indonesian port, the Indonesian shipping agency will switch to a general agent.

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Of course, the Indonesian shipping agency will act professionally for all ship agency problems. This applies regardless of the location of the port in Indonesia. While local agents, of course, serve ships in local route. Ship operators, both local ship operators of roro, gas, dry bulk and liquid can also be handled by the shipping agency.

The bunkering service referred to in the specific service above is a series of activities to meet demand by using tankers, both general cargo and special cargo. Special cargoes are tankers, LNG, cement and fertilizers so they need different handling. Bunkering services are also provided for various types of company-owned ships that also wish to dock at the port.

Not only for field services as previously mentioned, there are also licensing services or licensing document processing that can be submitted to the Indonesian shipping agency. Licensing is intended so that service users can carry out activities at the port and everything related to the port, as well as takes care of ship agency for both ship owners and goods owners.

The types of ships that can be handled by Indonesian shipping agencies include cruise ships, cargo ships, yachts, tankers, tugboats and barge ships, as well as other ships. Every different ships, must be has different way to handle. So, client or user must smart to choose the best shipping agency Indonesia.

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